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In this case, the murderer (and yes, he has been to trial in my mind and found guilty) had his previous murder charge reduced to manslaughter and served 6 years after which he made his way to Kelowna.There is no doubt in my mind that he was on parole.

Diffusion is the belief that someone else is going to call or DO something about what may be wrong. And counselling which is recognised by a regulatory body is 5 per hour(the cheapest) if you are earning the minimum wage where does this opportunity come from?I can think of one case I know with a daughter getting steadily in more and more trouble and her father not doing anything to help, because he was a single dad with serious cancer and had his hands full just staying alive.One of my lasting lessons from a few years teaching high school was that when you saw a kid failing or in real trouble otherwise, it was always the case that their parents weren't involved in their lives, for whatever reasons.They are heavily weighted towards neurological disorders, and the ones that might be used as counter-examples (such as the "worried and rigid" scan) aren't presented in the same form so can't be directly compared. It wasn't bad enough the thread was spinning out of control with personal agendas, now we have to add blinding stupid bigotry and hatred to the mix? I have met a lady who husband failed to tell her that their son was caught with drugs at a very young age and now 10 years later her son says that having a free ticket from the cosiquences of crime with the help of our freindly and trustworthy police force, that its was the worst thing that could have ever happend to him.I could say lots more on the subject but will save it for a more appropriate thread. It wasn't bad enough the thread was spinning out of control with personal agendas, now we have to add blinding stupid bigotry and hatred to the mix? As he and his mother work hard to fight off the drug adictions that may control his life now.While we blame many judges for making these godawful goodwill decisions, we MUST come to understand that the weaknesses start with the offences.There are still, according to the reports prepared by the BCASVP, police detachments counselling victims not to take action against an abuser or refusing to lay charges This is a sad state of affairs - but let's not stop there and fall into the usual trap of looking for simple answers. I'm guessing they're trying to be realistic and know that pressing a complaint isn't going to go anywhere and just leave the culprit more enraged with the victim.The example I was trying to communicate was that regardless of the Home environment sometimes the little stinkers grow up to be unpleasant.Gord was trying to stereo type bad boys as the harley riding -leather wearing-gino gangster types are the ones that are the wife beaters/child killers/ ( that are easy to spot and a person would need to have a bag of hammers for a brain not to notice)etc and quite frankly that is untrue.We need protection for the victim that doesn't allow for their names to be published in public newspapers thus allowing the stigma of having a nutbar in their lives to prevent them from getting up... First of all, brain scans don't tell us anything about cause and effect.Second, if you look closely you will notice that the ones in that site have been carefully chosen in a way that gives the impression they are more telling than reality. Even stats on crimes in north america has shown that a large number of offspring, from so called upstanding perants such as police officers, are criminals.


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