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Also, Jimmy has been spending a lot of time hanging out with other girls, mostly Liz Stanton, so would that suggest that they’ve broken up?

I checked today and Jimmy is no longer following Bella on Twitter.

But enough about his professional life, you're specifically here to know if he's dating anyone.

Well, good news for you girls out there who doesn't want to share him with anyone but yourself, he's single.

But the incident happened five years ago and since then, both of them grew apart. During the same time, there was a rumor that he reportedly got engaged to fellow actress Bella Thorne.

Jimmy Bennett is an extremely talented 15 year old actor.

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But in 2 weeks when I’m officially off for the summer, I’ll be posting like mad again!

I also do not own any pictures, videos, other media, or Jimmy himself. However, I am proud to have created the very first Jimmy fan Tumblr! I just want to thank all of you for being so lovely.

And you too, because you came out and said I’m lovely ♥ Yay, guys!

He won numerous awards and got nominated for big awards.

It's pretty hard to believe that his portfolio overshadows the likes of various veterans film actors.


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