Is carbon dating the truth

[…] There are various hypotheses as to the Hyksos’ ethnic identity.

Most archaeologists describe the Hyksos as multi-ethnic, to include all of the peoples who occupied the emporia of the delta.

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They are more reliable and preserve more wisdom against the winds of political caprice than anyone else.Also, if these documents state exactly where a battle was fought and describe in detail what type of weapons and ammunition where used, one could go and find a location that seems to match the description found in this document, and then dig and find similar weapons and ammunition.Certainly then, the degree of agreement between such sources of information is statistically testable. If the truth of the matter is that evolution did happen and is real, then there should be evidence of its activity.The changes affected techniques from bronze working and pottery to new breeds of animals and new crops were introduced.In warfare, they introduced the horse and chariot, the composite bow, improved battle axes, and advanced fortification techniques.Is there an unseen history carried by us all in the words we speak? I say “perhaps” for the simple reason that the real history is lost to antiquity, heaped high with passions from folks more interested in their own power and prestige than in preserving the history of those they wished to erase from the pages of time. Often our history has been “Rewritten by the victors”.Kings, Princes, Pharaohs and Ancient Head Priests, all want to say “Me Me ME! Yet bits remain, often in the rituals and habits of “The Common Man” who can be stubborn about even trivial changes of habits.However, with so many differing opinions presenting themselves, how can one sort out the "truth" for one's self?Does the scientific method support one position over the others?Some were warlords seeking employment by the Egyptians as mercenaries.Some were unemployed agricultural workers looking for work helping produce food and resorting to banditry, theft and other crimes when they did not get it.


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  3. The Theory of Evolution is believed by many to be "true" - especially by most of today’s scientists. Many others, even among evolutionists, believe in the "truth.

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