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If you're wondering which tablet is right for your child, take note: the i Pad's children's book offerings are more interactive and animated than the Nook Color's, but the Barnes and Noble ereader offers more classics and is half the price (or, just get this app that lets you read any Nook book on the i Pad). Apple’s new i Pad is being revealed today in San Francisco: It’s physically a lot like the i Pad 2, there’s still a home button (quashing some wild rumors about it going) and yes–it has a fabulous 2,048 by 1,536 pixel screen.4G units go from 9 to 9, just as before, and will also support 3G in a global mode.Rounding up the news, Tim Cook noted “It’s the ultimate i Pad, and we think it’s going to change how you see and do just about everything and Apple’s Phil Schiller added that he thinks it’ll change “what people think is possible in this category of device.” That sounds an awful lot like Apple agrees with us, and it’s completely convinced the future of computing is in tablets, not PCs.He has concluded that apps which actually engage a baby may even be as mentally stimulating as old-fashioned toys such as blocks and basic puzzles.Despite this, he does admit that, broadly speaking, not enough studies yet exist on exactly how i Pads and other interactive media devices affect children's cognition, noting that research is 'simply unable to keep up with the pace of technological advances.'Vice president of research for the group, Seeta Pai, spoke to Mail Online and said although alarming, she did recognize that every child and family has different needs and that 'not all screen time is created equal.We’re guessing that’s a likely hit for the i Pad 4…or simply “i Pad” as it seems Apple’s likely to call it, given that the new i Pad for 2012 is simply called “i Pad,” not “i Pad 3” or “i Pad HD.”Despite the significant upgrades, the device is still on sale at a starting price of 9 for the 16GB model, stretching up to 9 for the 64GB model–the same price as it’s always had.

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Dr Christakis is keen, however, to make the distinction between passive and active interactions.

We know how much you and your family love kids books, but sometimes it's hard to choose which favorites should go on a long trip!

Luckily, there are many choices on the ereader market: from the Nook Color to the i Pad.

The new camera now enables the i Pad to shoot video in 1080p full HD resolution, and thanks to the fact its sensor is much larger and the graphics chips are so powerful, it can carryout real-time dynamic image stabilization–which Cook demonstrated on stage.

That places the i Pad as a slightly awkward but potent competitor to many a digital camera on the market.


  1. Mar 7, 2012. Apple just pulled the covers off the new iPad–its latest tablet in the post-PC era, and just as the rumors said it would be, it's all about its amazing new screen.

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