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Hispnic dating culture

Part of this support is in the form of family members caring for loved ones who are ill or dying as opposed to looking to professional caregivers to take on this role.In traditional Hispanic families, the bulk of care provided for a terminally ill family member is performed by female relatives who are unlikely to ask for outside help to cope with the stress of looking after someone who is close to death.In Hispanic culture, relationships with immediate and extended family members is very important.Family members look to each other for emotional support during difficult times.They are expected to be strong and keep their emotions in check.

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For men, breaking down after a death is not the norm.

The knowledge that a person will die combined with the uncertainty of not knowing when the event will happen can be very stressful for family members. The Church teaches that the soul is eternal and continues on after the physical body has died.

This religious faith also treats all human life as sacred.

Once a Hispanic individual has died and the body has been prepared for burial, the family will hold a wake.

In this culture, the wake is much more of a social event than the traditional one in which family members sit with the body until the burial.


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