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The last thing on the mind of CEO Arison of Carnival Cruise Lines, the owner of Costa, is the death, doom and gloom associated with the disaster. He just celebrated his multi-million dollar Miami Heat basketball team winning another NBA championship. Fat cat cruise CEO's like Arison don't lose sleep over disasters. She was snorkeling with a family member and other cruise guests.

The name of the cruise line and cruise ship was not released.

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Photo credit: Mark Dennis CC BY-SA 2.0, commons / wikimedia.; video credit: Local News 10 Miami.Another article posted this week indicated that the judge sentenced the defendant to just 17 years in jail.Photo credit: De Telegraaf Earlier this afternoon, a guest traveling aboard a Carnival ship died after falling from the balcony of her cabin, according to a passenger aboard the cruise ship.The passenger commented that the woman was apparently celebrating her birthday.Another passenger reportedly was seen handcuffed after the incident.Police from Freeport, Bahamas reportedly boarded the ship after the fatality.You can see additional photos from the cruise ship here.Costa has brought a brand new cruise ship online with great fanfare. A 500 million dollar cruise line lying on its side in the water. What do the families of the victims think watching the spectacle of Arison on TV laughing and holding his NBA championship trophy over his head? cruise passenger drown in Grand Bahama during a cruise visit.Things are looking up for the cruise lines, the cruise lines tell us. Thank Poseidon, God of the Sea, that we are fully insured for the hull and lost revenues. Do the the families of the dead awake in the middle of the night triggered by the thought that those responsible for killing their family members care not an iota for their loves ones' suffering while holding NBA trophies and drinking champagne? The Eleutheran News reports that the passenger was age 61 and was from Pennsylvania.Her body was found buried and it was established that she died by stab wounds.A suspect was later identified by a surveillance film.


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