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Adult cybersex addiction has many other effects on children and families as well, such as: exposure to cyberporn ; exposure to objectification of women; involvement in parental conflicts; lack of attention/ extremes of parental preoccupation;an atmosphere of emotional trauma;marital sepration and/or divorce. Each item is packed with layers of turmoil, anguish, psycholgical stress, and financial impact.

As if that isn't enough, 100,000 websites are child pornography, and an organization dedicated to protecting children on line, that child pornography is one of the fastest growing businesses on line, and the content is becoming worse. You will find access to certified sexual addiction therapists (CSAT's) on it, as well as questionnaires to be used for your personal assessment process. The following are several excellent websites that will help:

Its too bad, that is not the case with TV, which most parents allow their children free reign with TV viewing and the remote control.

Kaolin Kay This is an excellent blog and I am sharing it.

I hope excerpts from this blog get reprinted elsewhere and that it reaches many, many people.

Cyberporn has a drug-like effect on the body and mind.

It stimulates reward and pleasure centers of the brain instantly and dramatically, increasing the production of dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with both sexual arousal and drug highs.

Colleagues of mine who work extensively with teenagers confirm what you may have gleaned from watching the news on TV over the past year, and even just this morning in a report on Good Morning America: it's now common for oral sex to be seen as the new goodnight kiss and for girls to send sexual photos of themselves via cell phones to boys as special gifts.

Furthermore, a recent review of the top selling pornography videos discovered that the majority had violent themes with verbal or physical aggression.


  1. Feb 4, 2016. Child prostitution in the Philippines. 'Sweetie' attracts pedophiles from around the world. The international demand is huge. The FBI estimates that in more than 40,000 public chat-rooms around the world, some 750,000 pedophiles search child pornographic material round the clock. Terre des Hommes, an.

  2. Mar 22, 2011. Cybersex addiction is the compulsive use of Internet pornography, adult chat rooms, or adult fantasy role-play sites, impacting negatively in real-life intimate. Benjamin Wallace describes it well in his article, "The Greek Kings of Smut" in the February 7 issue of New York "There you are, Porn Surfer.

  3. A person who goes on the urban dictionary chat room lookin to cyber sex usually a fat loser with no social life.

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