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If you want to change which messages display when you slide two fingers together, tap In the Black Berry Hub, you can use gestures in the message list to perform various tasks: To snooze a message to be reminded about it later, swipe right on the message. With BBM, you can chat and share items in real time with your friends, family, and coworkers.

You can control your contact list and decide who can add you as a contact.

1) Swipe down from the top of the screen once using two fingers, or twice using one finger. If you're prompted to enter a pairing code, try entering 0000 or 1234, or check the documentation that came with the device.

5) To connect the devices, in the Paired devices list, tap the device name.

3) Browse or search for an app that you want to download. With the Black Berry Hub, you can gather all messages, notifications, and events that you receive from your accounts in one convenient location.

Email: Add almost any email account to your device, including work and web-based email accounts.

Text messages (SMS/MMS): If text messaging is part of your wireless service plan, you can see a list of recent text messages in the Black Berry Hub.

Calls: The Black Berry Hub shows you the calls you make and receive, including any missed calls.

2) Check if the time on your device is correct and synchronized with the network time.Before you begin: Make sure both devices are unlocked and support NFC to share content with another device. 1) Open a screen that shows what you want to share on your device, such as a webpage, You Tube video, or contact. Enter the password for the Wi-Fi network, then tap Connect. To connect to a Wi-Fi network at work, enter your username and password, then tap Connect. To connect to a public network, tap the sign-in notification and, if necessary, accept the license agreement. Swipe down for once from top to the bottom of phone screen by using your 2 fingers, or using one finger for twice Wi-Fi. Swipe down from the top of the screen once using two fingers, or twice using one finger Tethering & Mobile Hotspot.2) Tap the back of your device against the back of another NFC-enabled device or an NFC tag. 7) Unplug your modem or router for 15 seconds, then plug it in again.If the time on your device is not sync with network time, your device may not connect to Wi-Fi network (for example, connecting to a network might require that you have a certificate on your device, and the certificate has an expiration date).3) If you use your device for business, your organization might prevent connections to certain wireless access points.Your devices are ready to communicate over the Bluetooth connection.To download apps, your device must be connected to a wireless network. 2) If necessary, sign in with your Google™ account.Make sure that the metal contacts on the SIM card are facing down and the notch on the SIM card is aligned with the notch in the tray.Before you begin: Make sure that you turn on Bluetooth technology on the device that you want to connect to. 4) To pair the devices, in the Available devices list, tap the device name, and complete the instructions on the screen.Before you begin: To connect to the mobile network, airplane mode must be turned off.Your device is designed to connect automatically to your service provider's mobile network after you insert your SIM card into your device.


  1. This is because the desktop software syncs with an Outlook data file, not the iCloud's data file. Copy the items to your Outlook calendar or contacts folder to sync.

  2. The methods on this page or sync utilities are not necessary if you have an Exchange account including as it syncs messages, calendar and contacts.

  3. Synchronize Outlook Contacts with Gmail and to Android, iPhone, Playbook. Sync Google Gmail contacts with Outlook Contacts, Sync Outlook Gmail Contacts, Download Go.

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