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This week, after an informal request from a law enforcement officer, Visa and Master Card announced that they would no longer let their cards be used to process payments to, the most widely used site for adult advertising in the United States.

American Express had already pulled out earlier in the year.

Real solidarity is needed, especially from those at the higher end to those at the lower ones.

Sex work is criminalized in the US, but not all sex workers are criminalized equally.

The war against sex workers mirrors the war on the poor more generally, and those who are members of more criminalized populations get targeted more harshly.

The Communications Decency Act of 1996 protects websites from being held responsible for outside content published by its users; attempts to amend or strike down this part of the law in Congress were fought as attacks on free speech, and the law remained unchanged.

Multiple lawsuits against Backpage were also dismissed on constitutional grounds.


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