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Formview fired event itemupdating which

One more thing, the event fired intially when I set it from the Designer, but no more. And then of course, the cheap work around is to take your code from the 'updated' event and move it to the end of the 'updating' event.

You've already confirmed that it is actually updating the records. But I'm also used to events not doing what they are labeled to do.

I have a page with:- a dropdownlist- an object datasource - an updatepanel containing a Janus Grid Ex control The grid is bound to the datasource. Now I want to fire an Initialize Row event of Gridview on the page.

The updatepanel has one trigger: the dropdownlist selected Index Changed event. Any suggestion or ideas how to implement this event?

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For this, I use the Item Updated event of the formview and try ...Thanks Regards Gaurav Kumar Hi gkumar85 , gkumar85: Now I want to fire an Initialize Row event of Gridview on the page.The Initialize Row method is used to initialize a row in the Grid View control and it is called by Grid View control internally. But you can create a custom control which extends the Grid View control and intercept its Initialize Row ...Here is my post and if you have minute can you take a look at it see if you can spot anything wrong with it. Hello there,this trick does'nt work in my case. The grid view is usedto show rows in the DB and when clicked to edit each row, a form view opens up in edit mode with that particular row info. My first question is.it mandatory to have smth in the itemtemplate of the form view.because after Page_Load it does'nt fire any event and my form view get disappeared. I have controls in edititemtemplate and insertitemtemplate.And they can limit the total number of transactions a person can...Determine the Control Events fired in Page Load Event Suppose If i have a button control on my form and i click on button to post back, in this case Click Event of the button will called after Page Load Event.Lasty, the select query of the object datasource is a stored procedure that performs several joins based on PF/FK relationships to bring back more meaningful information than just a FK, so some columns are just the joined value, and can not be updated directly.Again, formview is trying to pass these parameters So given that, I have defined the following even handler for a simple form view: (not sure if this is the way to proceed given the above, but...) protected void Form View1_Item Updating(object sender, Form View Update Event Args e) My questions are as follows: 1) Is this the right approach?Also, Form View will not return to Default Mode of Read Only. That'll at least let you know if the event is being called or not. Add some default text to the html for the label stoopid noob tricks I know, but everynow and then if its not that it isn't showing up, its just that I can't see where it's located, text ended up in white, gridview overlapped it or other lil noob stunts.Anyone see anything strange in my straight-forward code? ASPX Don't know if this will help, but it shouldn't hurt either. Unwrap the Error catching from around the Label1in your onupdated event. I'll try your idea for the Label, but as far as removing the error handling goes, I know it doesn't make it there by fact that it never hits my breakpoint in that method anymore. Thanks again for the suggestions More stoopid noob tricks. maybe double check that it is hitting the end of the updating event.


  1. FormView. ItemUpdated event not firing. the event fired intially when I set it from the. this. SetData; } protected void FormView1_ItemUpdating.

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