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Dress up dating games for girls

The other girls will join them on this important night, ...

She needs you to care for him, clean him and feed him some carrots. Try a nice deep blue tail with khaki details around the waist. Join this Parisian beauty and discover Fashion in France and learn about the their culture.

Prepare to become a makeup artist and show off your skills in this new game called Princesses Makeup Experts! Cut and sew the material, tailor it, add elastic, dye the fabric, apply ribbons and bows, ... Gorgeous Rapunzel has a fresh new college crush, and this one's here to stay. Select one of the mysterious boxes and create an extravagant look for the adorable doll with the items available. Spring is coming and the princess wants to go out for a walk.

Select a job, hobby and favorite color and give yourself a refreshing makeover to polish your looks for the p... Victoria just bought some rather dated outfits, and needs you to rework them into fashion-forward dresses!

Both aren't used to be in this environment - the weather is so different! Design an individual business card and find out what it reveals about your personality! Use your imagination and creativity, mix and match different body shapes, eyes color, mouths, horns, ears, accessories and much more, to create your own ...

When they heard about the new Instagram photography cont... Your dolls are your best friends with whom you get to play any time that you want.


  1. Start up simple and try such a makeover that noone will recognize you at the end! This makeover experience will give you a lot, above all, a handsome boyfriend for a perfect date, depending on how you.

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