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You need to tell them to go to sleep, and Alex, you're supposed to be asleep for a hour." said Polly. Polly nodded ok, they said goodnight to their mom and walked back in. "Sorry Mom, we were just having a pillow fight." said Nat."Nat, Alex, outside, NOW! They left with a few "yes, mam's" and "sorry.""Nat, it's almost ten o'clock! "Naw, not from Mom, but we need to get to sleep." said Nat. David and Qaasim were sharing a bed, Nat and Alex were sharing a bed, and Cooper slept on the foot of David and Qaasim bed. Nat, Allie and Alex left and went back to the hotel. Nat opened the door to his hotel and found Qaasim and little Grace kissing. Every head was turned his way and they all stopped laughing."er sorry, I bit my toung..." said Nat which made everyone laugh harder."Alright, I'll do it." said Allie. Allie leaned in and Nat closed his eyes and leaned in..."This is it..." thought Nat. When their lips almost touched Qaasim said "for ten seconds." which made them turn his way and glare."QAASIM! "Okay, fine longer." he said and made everyone laugh. Besides, we have to tomorrow anyway, might as well get it over with." said Allie. "Oh yeah, I mean, it's not the first time..." said Nat which in turn, made the guys said "ohhhhhhhh" in a taunting way.

If you don't like the story in general, don't comment, but if you do like it, feel free. "Well get ready boxer boy, it`s time to do the final seen..know..kiss..."said Allie. "Allie, did Mom say she needed anyone else, or is it just you guys? Alex: *whispers* Qaasim likes Little Grace, not Rosalina! My other Harry Potter related account is going to be confidential, but if you comment asking why, if you comment with your account and not a random comment, I'll tell you the answer to the Mystery. Cooper looked at the guys."Knock it off guys, or you'll never hear..know how Nat is..doesn't share who he has feelings for...especially not with them." said Cooper and everyone laughed...except Nat..."Gee, thanks a lot Coop." said Nat. I think it's plenty obvious..he likes A-" Nat covered Alex's mouth. I have been since I was four and she first moved here. Thank you for clicking, and I promise you will be satisfied…. "Truth Coop." Thomas, Alex, Qaasim and David started laughing. "Oh, um..sure..first..." Nat looked at the guys who were making kissy faces at him. I figured you guys would guess that once I asked her to be in the Naked Brothers Band movie when we were six but you never said anything. "Alright, alright enough, c'mon Qaasim, ask someone." said Alex."Alright...." he looked at Allie. Nat and Alex glanced at each other as if to say "uh oh""Alright, since you need the practice for tomorrow, I dare you too... "I have an idea, let me come with you and I'll take a picture! " asked Nat who was getting annoyed now."What Nat scared to kiss me? Disclaimer: I do not own Naked Brothers Band, nor have any relation to Nat, Alex or any other members of the band. Nat rolled his eyes."Okay, name the girl who you wrote your newest song "I'll do anything" for! Didn't you guys know that, that's why I asked her to do everything with me..in the movie, then the show, and now, were going to be dating in this newest episode. Nat glared at him."Thanks guys...so, whose turn is it? I write FICTION not truth and strictly from the way I believe life for them should be. She was my freaking love interest threw out the show, come on I'm not that good an actor.


  1. February 2018. Alexandra DiMeco and Nat Wolff photos, news and gossip. Find out more about.

  2. Mar 21, 2015. One of Nickelodoen's most popular shows of the last ten years had to be the mockumentary The Naked Brothers Band starring real life brothers Alex and Nat Wolff as the leaders of an all kid rock and roll band. Like Kidz Bop. Allie played Rosalina, the band's cutie bassist and the object of Nat's affections.

  3. The show depicts the daily lives of Draper's sons, who lead a fictional world-renowned rock band in New York City. As a mockumentary, the storyline is an embellishment of their real lives, and the fictional presence of a camera is often acknowledged. It stars Nat Wolff and Alex Wolff, the lead singer-songwriter, and drummer.

  4. May 7, 2009. Never Seen Before. Hope You Like It. Allie D.♥-

  5. They dated in real life but ended on 2008 because she cheated on him so now nat wolff is dating their other base guitarist Kristina Reyes. Did Nat Wolff kiss Allie DiMeco? yes they kissed in a episode of the nbb yeah. Allie is a hired actress to play rosalina in the shows they look like their dating but no. Plus you may see.

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