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Women may be happy to trade intelligence for attractiveness, but they will always be more likely to choose a man who is a little more attractive or intelligent.

This isn't true when it comes to men choosing women.

The perfect wife is five years younger than her husband. And, please stare at this very carefully: she is at least 27 percent smarter than her husband. Well, they interviewed 1,074 married and cohabiting couples. I am concerned, though, about what this research might mean for the future of dating.

And they declared, "To produce our optimization model, we use the assumption of a central 'agency' that would coordinate the matching of couples." Indeed. Still, let me tell you about one of these guidelines: marrying a divorcee makes it far more unlikely that you will be happy. Does this mean that every single, available man and woman should have with them an IQ questionnaire at all times--like a batch of questions Google asks during interviews? Because there is nothing else like you in this world? Even in the ideal world, it's hard to make it ideal.

Regular sufferers here will know that this subject fascinates me beyond the usual level of engagement. Essentially, it involved selecting the 38th woman you meet.

And now, in a study due to be published in the April 16 issue of the European Journal of Operational Research, science begins to take even more uncertainty out of the marriage principle.

This optimization led research leader Nguyen Vi Cao to speak with some certainty to the Telegraph: "If people follow these guidelines in choosing their partners, they can increase their chances of a happy, long marriage by up to 20 percent." Up to? There you are, seated at the bar, third martini twirling between your lonely fingers, when you espy a tousled-haired lady whose fingers seem to be lonely too. " Or, for the more intellectual type, "I know why Solomon had 600 wives. Just imagine how your heart will pound, your palms will sweat, and your eyes will tear up when she instantly gives you the correct answer.

As far as women’s preferences are concerned, the sky’s the limit.In other words, men value beauty over brains (no surprise there).But Karbowski’s most interesting result is that there is a clear point at which men valuing a woman’s increasing intelligence." What if you actually know, but fear that giving the correct answer might indicate that you are far less than 27 percent more stupid than your potential paramour? The claim that men are intimidated by clever women is backed by the results of a new study conducted by Polish economists Adam Karbowski and his colleagues from the Warsaw School of Economics analyzed data from a Columbia University speed-dating experiment, in which more than 500 students participated.With an intelligence score of 2, a Ryan Reynolds lookalike has a 55 percent chance of being chosen, and if he scores 4.5 out of 10 for intelligence, his chances increase to 80 percent.After that, any further increases in intelligence have little to no effect on his chances of being picked.The men and women took part in a regular speed-dating event.After each date, the participants stated whether they would like to meet their date again, with a simple "yes" or "no." They also rated their date on a 10-point scale for intelligence and physical attractiveness.The researchers state: “If male speed-daters can choose, then it is better to be perceived by female conversation partners as handsome and not necessarily brainy than the opposite.Obviously, it is best to be perceived as both smart and physically attractive.” What Men Want The results of Karbowski’s analysis of male choice run contrary to what we might expect, because they suggest women are not as picky as men.


  1. Aug 6, 2016. New research has confirmed the commonly held notion that the smarter a woman is, the less likely it is a man will fancy her. Men are actively. It said “Even those men who are not perceived by women as physically attractive may receive positive speed-dating decisions, if only those men seem intelligent.

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