Dating really tall girl about dating a younger man

I don’t see taller-female relationships as some kind of cosmic joke.I’m more considerate of shorter men, and less inclined to cavalierly bash them.

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Very short women who date those few men who exceed tall girls’ and women’s heights are then (through no fault of their own) walking reminders that, if they don’t grow comfortable with dating shorter men, they may very well end up alone.

Especially when one considers all those other important factors people evaluate when picking a mate: personality, cleanliness, political ideology, social skills, religious inclination, education, etc. ” smack talking that accompanies tall women’s feelings may reek of insufferable arrogance, but it’s backlash against feeling marginal and threatened.

You find yourself looking at a rapidly shrinking group of potential partners if your height requirement is the first round filter in your dating approach. Threatened not by short women themselves, but by the possibility of ending up alone.

As a rather Amazonian woman myself (6′2′’) I have gradually evolved toward a more mature conceptualization of myself and my position in society.


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