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Kimberly Hewitt, who investigates sexual assault accusations at U of M as part of her position as vice president of equal opportunity and affirmative action, told the Tribune that these policies help clarify "complex" situations. Because how else can you prove that one receive a "yes" at every stage of sexual activity when the other person is saying no such consent was given?

Morano's group appears to be on the extreme side of "yes means yes." Her website provides links and information about "yes means yes" policies, including the notion that "Consent is to be determined from the perspective of the complainant." This effectively removes any defense, because an accuser who said "yes" could turn around and say he or she didn't really mean it or said it out of fear.

And if you no longer want to participate in a sexual relationship, the app allows you to withdraw consent at anytime.

Legal Fling still has to receive the approval of Google and Apple before it can be downloaded.

However, according to the website, users don’t have to worry about privacy breaches as all flings are encrypted within the app.

The group provided the with an image of the form, which simply states that on this date (fill-in-the-blank) "We agree to have consensual sex with one another." The form also provides spaces for two parties to sign and print their names.The kit comes in either a canvas or faux suede bag with the group's logo — the male and female gender symbols combined at the circle. They're all individual, and they're all really complex." The solution advocates have proposed has been to vastly expand what constitutes sexual assault under "yes means yes" policies, and shift the burden of proof from an accuser to the accused.Alison Berke Morano, who helped found the Project, told the Minneapolis Star Tribune that "yes means yes" policies have spread "faster than I've seen other movements." Morano made the comment in response to the University of Minnesota's adoption of the "yes means yes" policies. "It's a college campus, so in many cases there's alcohol involved. This turns the criminal justice system upside down, and gives the accused no way to defend themselves outside of a video tape.While no always means no, the new app Legal Fling is for when the answer is yes.Created by the Dutch company, Legal Things, according to their website, the app “allows you to request consent from any of your contacts” because “sex should be fun and safe.” In addition to sending your request for consensual sex to your contact of choice, the app will also send along your “sexual preferences, including your do’s and don'ts.” These include options such as approval for photos and videos to be made, condom use, STD-free guarantee, explicit language use, and BDSM. According to the creators, Legal Fling was created to ensure that explicit sexual consent is granted before participants engage in sexual behaviour.And it isn’t just for one night stands - according to their website, the app is meant to protect all types of sexual relationships, even long-term relationships.The app will work by actually entering the consenting participants into a binding legal contract, or a Live Contract - and breaking any of the aforementioned rules is a breach of contract.Just when you thought modern dating couldn’t become any more complicated, sexual consent contracts have added another layer.What exactly is a sexual consent contract or a sex agreement?This chapter states that the "only 'yes' is a 'yes.' " And given that the policies claim consent can't be ambiguous, a clear, verbal "yes" does seem to be the only acceptable response.But the SGVW group goes further, claiming "yes means yes" policies ensure "it's the man's responsibility to 'get a verbal yes.' " Their interpretation of the law — which so far appears to be the accepted interpretation at colleges and universities across the country — is that women can only give consent and men can only obtain consent.


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