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- You are not offended by the following content which may be of an offensive nature.- You have read the Terms and conditions and accept that you release Loot Ltd from any liability that may arise from your use of this site.Newspapers outsource their dating columns to agencies and take a share of the premium-rate calls to the adverts.One company, Telecom Express, manages The Guardian's Soulmates, The Daily Telegraph's Kindred Spirits and The Times's Encounters pages, among many others. Awful pianist." and "Fairly innocuous male, 57." Other classics of truth-in-advertising have included "Tap-dancing Classics lecturer. " and "Shy, ugly man, fond of extended periods of self-pity, middle-aged, flatulent and overweight, seeks the impossible"."It's very hard to write a 20-word personal ad that adequately sums you up," says David Rose, LRB's classified ad manager.The newspaper industry in England is dominated by national newspapers, all of which are edited in London, although The Guardian began as the Manchester Guardian.For a list of the national newspapers available in London see List of newspapers in the United Kingdom.

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For seven years the LRB personals column has been producing surreal haikus of the heart like this.One advertiser contacted by The Independent, who identified herself by e-mail only as "Thinkingmanscrumpette", says she was attracted to the column because she wanted to avoid the "City types or tank-top wearers who usually reply".However, even at the LRB, half of her 10 respondents were married men looking for a no-strings affair.A recent ad maintained: "A girlfriend isn't a girlfriend unless she makes my mother cry with grief every time she visits. For two years now she's sat, contented, in front of the TV with not a care in the world. Professional M, 38, seeks heartless common slut with no small knowledge of Sheltered Housing application procedures. David Rose admits that there are some ads that are so "out there" that they are probably placed by people with other motivations."There are some who are probably not that interested in finding a partner.It began with "67-year-old disaffiliated flaneur, jacked-up on Viagra and looking for a contortionist trumpeter" and has never looked back.It has fans from Australia to the US; there are bloggers devoted to it and now an anthology of some of the best ads is planned for later this year.The personals industry, online and in print, has come a long way since The Times first allowed matchmakers to advertise lonely spinsters in 1886.The stigma has disappeared and the business in the UK is reportedly worth more than £50m.


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