Dating a banker

Between all the personnel changes, I was the only analyst left from my team, and the lone analyst tasked with the aforemetioned project with no help.

Douchebag Associate was trying to climb the corporate ladder, and given his background in law, he was sent to London and Nigeria with a few senior bankers to take on some high-level meetings.

He would of course have his blackberry and laptop, and would “review” my work on the road.

M&A bankers, above all, try to turn lead into gold.

The M&A team had their one senior banker, one VP who did nothing, an associate who did everything, and another first year analyst who became a good friend. Burrito had dropped a bomb on us, telling everyone that he was moving back to the west coast for that coveted job in private equity.

At about the same time, we learned that Outcast was also leaving, for a hedgefund, the Mormon was leaving to get married and move back west, and finally, that our group was receiving summer interns.

Judging by her message as she forwarded the spreadsheet to her friends, it now seems unlikely.

And even though he hoped to see her again, he did not think to remove flattering details about his other dates including top scores for appearances, and the fact he'd 'hooked up' with one of the girls at a party.

It’s very much a “buyer beware” mentality (but that’s why as buyer, you hire an investment bank to advise you..right? Everyone needs to wear their big boy/girl pants and do their own diligence.

With these women, he had the forethought to remove their identities. The girl told that Merkur was 'fidgety' when the pair met, adding: 'He got up to readjust himself a few times in the middle of our conversation, which was bizarre.

He added in the email to Arielle: 'I only deleted the non-match people's names (at the bottom) since some I've known for a long time.'He said: 'I work with spreadsheets a lot... I work long days, go to the gym, go out on a couple of midweek dates or what not, get home late...

The world doesn’t feel that much better or different, really. In more than one instance, I have agreed to speak to some naive, socially inept summer interns from my alma mater, only to find that they’ve either forgotten about the call or had something come up.

In addition to that, it’s usually followed by radio silence until they “realize” the error of their ways.


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  4. David Merkur, a 28-year-old investment banker from New York, used the Microsoft Excel tool to record details of his date's characteristics as well as progress reports.

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  6. Or as others call it, “business school”, is a bit crazy. I thought the people who kept saying it was “so busy” and that they had “no time” were just.

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