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Unfortunately wide primes are (very) expensive and even one would be too much at present - UK prices have increased dramatically in the last few months - so I keep wondering about the Sigma as an alternative?

Cheers Mike Nicolas Claris said The Sigma 12-24 is much better than the Canon 17-40 mm! ) I have had the 3 of them (I have kept the 14 mm) Nic, and anyone else, can you discuss your experience with the Sigma 12-24.

I am doing an urban photo safari next month and it might be worth taking.

I also have the 16-35 2.8 - maybe a comparison would be an exercise worth doing.

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From the aberration point of view, the 12-24 was a good lens. Edit: It is entirely possible that my copy of the 12-24 was less than optimal. Cheers, Hi Mike, BTW, if you are considering the new lens for your line up in addition to the 24-105, then I think only the 12-24 makes sense.

The 17-40 would overlap and not add too much at the wide end.

I have considered buying one of these to give me something wider than the 24-105, but have held off because of doubts over the lens'performance on the 1Ds3.

Similarly the Canon 17-40 does not appear to be well regarded.


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