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Common scams on dating sites

Some consumer protection offices help residents resolve consumer problems.Remember these tips to avoid being a victim of a telephone scam: IRS imposter scams occur when someone contacts you pretending to work for the IRS.Visit Equifax’s website dedicated to this breach to learn if you were impacted.You will need to provide your last name and the last six numbers of your Social Security number.To report a prize scam: Federal agencies investigate scams and pursue criminal charges against the scammers. State consumer protection offices do sometimes pursue individual cases as well as investigate scams.Remember these tips to avoid being a victim of a lottery or sweepstakes scam: Pyramid schemes are scams that require a constant flow of new participants to keep them going.Equifax, one of the three major credit reporting agencies in the U.S., announced a data breach that affects 143 million consumers.

Reporting scams to federal agencies helps them collect evidence for lawsuits against people committing these scams.

Others require you to provide personal information to enter a “contest.” These scams may reach you by postal mail, email, phone call, robocall, or text message.

State and local laws govern legitimate lotteries and sweepstakes.

They masquerade as multi-level marketing programs or other types of legitimate businesses.

They use new recruits’ required payments to provide “profits” to those participating longer.


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