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Pre-loaded funds are immediately withdrawn from my Apple i Tunes account; James receives an instant payment confirmation and I can take my comics to go without having ever reached for my wallet.” The other thing you can see in action with Comi Xology? Boddy turns up dead at his own dinner party, everyone's a suspect! Peacock, Professor Plum-all the familiar faces from the famous board game are back, with a couple new twists.The pull list is also a kind of personal relationship: I trust James to not only grab the titles that I’ve explicitly asked for, but to also suggest new books that I might not otherwise learn about.

(Aside: And don’t give me any about privacy and correlations and any of that bullshit.

* A NEW TAKE ON THE CLASSIC DETECTIVE GAME-WITH NEW DESIGNS BY ARTIST NELSON DANIEL UPDATING ALL THE CLASSIC CHARACTERS! To help you get a clue, we've hidden multiple endings to this first issue across the regular and subscription variants that will help you solve the case!

It dawned on me recently that, not only are we in a period of great change and transformation, but that those of us who have been working on the web to make it a more social and humane place have only barely begun the process of taking the “-ization” (not “personalization”) and connectedness that we take for granted on the web into the offline world.

It’s run by James Sime — someone who belongs in comics, much moreso than he belongs selling them.

His shop is called Isotope and every month or so, as time allows, I stop in to pick up my “subscriptions” — known in the comic book universe as my “pull list”.


  1. Pick it up, then head to a shop and add it to your pull list. comiXology Are you fine folks updating the new releases on January 1st.

  2. I just want a personal home page that has my pull list on it and automatically updating every new book.

  3. Great News! Amazon Kindle + comiXology merges is coming. but Pull List may have some troubles for just a little. but it's not in my comixology library after.

  4. Tag comixology Comixology and the. whenever you add something to your digital pull list on the Comixology. immediately updating on my iPhone. I review the list.

  5. ComiXology’s 100,000+ strong comics. not just internal memory and sales make this a much cheaper and space saving option to. My wish list is very.

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