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Production continued at Minimodels in Havant, Hampshire until 1967, when it moved to Rovex’s own site.When Lines Bros collapsed, its subsidiary Rovex-Triang, which handled Scalextric and the Triang railway brand, was sold off, eventually becoming Hornby Railways.

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Special track includes several different styles of chicane, cross-over tracks, crossroad track and humpback bridges. There’s nothing I like better when the winds blowing a gale outside and the rain is lashing against the window pane than sitting down in a comfortable armchair with a glass of something strong and one of my Billy Bunter ‘yellow jacket’ books.However, having read my Cassell and Skilton books many times over, I began to look more closely at the illustrations they contained. Macdonald it depicted Billy Bunter batting in the practice match that had been arranged especially for him.The more I looked the more I noticed how many of these illustrations actually contained errors, some only minor some more glaringly different to the text they actually related to. If he proved his quality Bunter was going into the eleven to play Highcliffe.One of the figures was tall and angular, that of Mr. The other was shorter and plumper, easily recognizable as Mr. All five quickly slipped off the wall on the inner side, ducking their heads below the level of the wall and crouching behind the numerous laurel bushes that were growing in the garden between the wall and the bungalow.Unfortunately for the Five, Prout and Quelch did not pass by, but instead stopped at the garden gate.However, no matter how you look at it, Smithy is definitely holding his injured LEFT wrist ! Now by my reckoning, Billy Bunter, Peter Todd and Tom Dutton, who together make up the usual occupants of No.7 study in the remove total three chaps.Yet the illustration clearly shows three schoolboys around the table plus Bunter … Not only that but a little further on in the same chapter we are told, ‘Evidently there was nothing for Bunter, in No.7 Study, but bread and marger, and a share in Peter’s sardines. But Peter, with the selfishness to which Bunter was sadly accustomed, apportioned the sardines in three equal portions on three plates – a proceeding which Bunter eyed with deep disgust. Bunter, having purloined a jar of plum jam from Smithy, took shelter in Mr.So there we have it, the written evidence – the usual Study crowd of Bunter, Dutton and Todd, the three portions divided onto three plates – yet in the illustration we have four chaps around the table ! Quelch’s Study, a safe retreat in which to devour his ill gotten gains. Quelch’s table lay a paper-knife which answered the purpose fairly well.Quelch had gone out for a walk in the quad after class, a fact which Harry Wharton had passed on to Bunter, a fact which Bunter had made use of in order to elude the clutches of the wrathful Smithy. With that implement Bunter scooped out jam and conveyed it to a large mouth : and chunk after chunk of delicious plum jam followed the downward path.Tri-ang’s subsidiary Rovex, which specialised in plastic, then developed Scalextric for the mass market, converting the metal cars to easier and cheaper to mould plastic versions.The track, which was originally a rubber compound, later became moulded plastic.


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