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Tensions run high between Mitch and Adam, who begin to fight each other and use secrets against each other for the other to lose.

Adam loses his temper and uses one round to force Blaire to reveal she cheated on Mitch with Adam twice, with "billie227" uploading a You Tube video of their tryst.

Then Blaire's bedroom door creaks open and a pair of hands slam her laptop shut.

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"billie227", now revealed to be Laura herself, messages Blaire and Mitch, wanting them to confess who uploaded the video in the first place.

Gabriadze was attracted to the project (then titled Offline) as it focused on the theme of bullying.

He noted that the nature of bullying had changed since he was in school, as the Internet allowed for bullies to continue their actions even after school hours.

When filming began, it mostly consisted of long takes around ten minutes in length.

Shelley Hennig, who portrayed Blaire, found that this proved difficult for the energy and motivation needed from her and the other actors.


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