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Resenty I’m become more and more unhappy .because of major labor there putting on us because of there failure to heir more workers to the point inconsistencies actually told me I can’t us my PTO (paid time off) I accumulated over the years with this company due to being understaffed .is that my fault I’ve been try for months un fare an don’t let one of the cooks have a cold or family emergency or have kids we are penalized an documented because you are understaffed.theres been days I’m coughing sneezing feavers an still want u to work an running in an out of cooler making it worse handling food but can’t u sick time or can’t call off because we don’t have enough people to cover your shift an risk termination so I put thru it sick an all knowingly. Deep cleaning being: scrubbing drains, cleaning mold from behind ice machines, moving shelving out and scrubbing racks, etc.now u are putting my job in family u have all these young manager that really don’t care unless someone above them gets on them then they want to act like they be. With deep cleaning they are to clock in at minimum wage to do these jobs so it doesn’t interfere with the customers dining experience and the employees aren’t getting paid . When the employee told the general manager, Bret, in person as he was having to scrub the back room ice bin while waiting on tables the general manager, Bret, told him to continue cleaning at server wage because it affected labor too much to have him clock out and clock in at minimum wage.When Adam arrived to the front , I politlely introduced myself and explained to him the situation and that I would like a refund on my chicken tenders.So Adam decides to go back aand forth with me that he couldn’t give me no refund because he thought that I had ate the chicken tenders.

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I even tried to grow with the company but they denied my nonviolent background.weres the opportunity u promised? 20% of wages are paid at minimum wage for cleaning duties such as: sweeping, cleaning tables, mopping, washing dishes, etc.

Yeah sure guy, let me hand off my daughter and get up to do something that you should have handled way differently from the start. I told her I had placed a to-go order and I was just waiting.

Thanks to a great waitress, Kristina, for trying to do the right thing even when management tried otherwise. Since the order was taking longer than I was told, I asked to speak to a manager.

Needless to say we did NOT pay it and we will NOT be going to a BWW EVER AGAIN!! I was advised by the hostess Kaitlyn that the food would be ready in 10 minutes. The hostess said that i could take a seat on the bench while the order was being put together.

“Manager” actually made me get up and point out the hostess who didn’t tell us about the cover charge (2 hours before the fight). After 10 minutes has passed, a waitress approached and asked if i needed anything.


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