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The road here is very rough with lots of pot-holes and gravel before settling down to pass the hamlet at Brunton and the old Manse to come to a junction, where I turned right, to head uphill towards a Pittachope Farm.Around the corner at the farm and a straight, passing by a lay-by with an information board for the Coastal Path, before turning left onto a track to head up to Norman’s Law.Down on the shore the remains of an old pier, can be seen.Perhaps something in connection with the abbey or the remnant for a long forgotten fishing industry.Starting out from the small car park at Wormit Bay the path follows the coast for a short distance, passing a memorial to the victims of the Tay Rail Disaster of 1879.The names of all the people known to be killed in the disaster are recorded on the granite slabs.

This point will be great in about 30 years or so when the trees mature but for now you are walking past young trees with half a view and no shelter.

The FCP continues along the coast, you can, if you wish, continue uphill for a short distance to visit the ruined abbey.

I have been there before so I kept on going with a clear conscience.

A hare crossed my path, it took one look at me then took-off. A pity as they are much better to look at than stupid bunnies, who are only good for burrowing, eating and making more bunnies.

To add interest I decided to break the journey up into short stages of about three miles each or about an hours walking as something to aim and navigate to and if possible places to rest and eat. The track takes a sharp right turn at what was the Under-keepers cottage and starts uphill in earnest.


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