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There are many different browsers available, but four of them account for over 95 percent of all browsers in use today: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari [source: Stat Counter].The programmers who design browsers are constantly updating them, adding new features, improving their performance, changing their looks, and improving browser security. Malicious hackers and Web sites can exploit security flaws in browsers and infect your computer with harmful programs, trojans, and viruses.The tenth edition of the timetable, based on the June 2016 edition of the CRPH timetable, is now finished and available for purchase.Changes in this edition are major; the timetable now has 388 pages compared with the 307 pages of the last edition.Regrettably the level of donations was far below the paid sales of previous editions and whilst this is not, and cannot be, a money-making venture I have decided not to repeat the experiment for subsequent editions. The seventh edition remains available so that people can see what the timetable contains.For many this will be sufficient but for those wishing to have the latest available information the tenth edition is available for sale.For engineers looking to carry phones around to different sites for demonstration purposes then selecting a web server on the Internet makes it very easy to update the phones over the Internet, while for supporting updates for a handful of devices on an internal network then utilizing an existing web server is ideal.Either way once the directory is setup then any device can be manually pointed to the directory and the phone will utilize HTTP to download and apply the firmware.

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In previous versions (Polycom SIP software 3.x or earlier) this manual process was not available.For example the recent 4.1 release is only providing Lync-specific features so devices currently used with other SIP platforms (.e.g Broadsoft, Avaya, Nortel, etc) should not install this update and should remain on 4.0 software for now.For this reason it may be necessary to download the available software package for the 4.1 release and then create a custom distribution server to point the devices to.Also the firmware was packaged differently in the previous SIP versions as the device firmware was provided as two separate binary files, the bootloader image and the application image.In the 4.x UCS release these were merged into the same binary file.My motivation in deciding to do this was not entirely altruistic; I hoped that by making the timetable freely available more people would be able to recognise the value of it and might be inclined to make a donation to support the effort that has gone into it.I said at the time that this was an experiment, and that I would watch with interest to see what happened.But when trying to update the firmware for a few phones there is a new process which was introduced with the 4.0 release of UCS.This process allows the device to be manually pointed to a Polycom hosted web server distribution point on the Internet to download and install new firmware packages from.As of the writing of this article the Lync specific firmware release is not yet included on the Polycom Hosted Server, so primarily Open SIP only firmware releases will be available using this method.This same process can also be used to download files from a custom distribution server for use with the Lync Qualified releases, as covered in the next section of this article , but this central distribution point may not include the most recent versions released depending on what features or capabilities were introduced in the last release.


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