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Boston online dating photos

Showcase your specialties to stand out from the competition.

Whether you are a personal fitness trainer, chef, life coach, or makeup artist, having headshots that reflect your strengths and talents will enhance your credibility in the marketplace.

Some people posted their main profile photo this way. • No images where you have clearly cut out the person next to you, or even better, photoshopped their face out. Let your dates learn how amazing, funny or unique you are in person.

They did not use the text feature where you can explain who the person was, either. That said, please put energy and time into your photos, because they are very important.

Whether you are a CEO of a fortune 500 company or a small startup business, you need professional headshots that convey strength, friendliness and confidence.This obviously leads many to wonder…who is this mystery guest? Making a strong first impression is key to success. Over the past few weeks I had the opportunity to sit with them and look at their matches. Regardless of whether they should or not, people are going to make judgments based on your photos. • No blurry pics, no dark images (where your face is shaded), no oversaturated shots, no flash-induced “demon eyes” or pics of you with your eyes closed (! It might be funny to you, but to someone that doesn’t know you, it can just look strange. I saw several profiles where people had six photos uploaded, and in five of them, they were wearing shades. • No extreme close-ups, or scrunchy face shots, or photos taken as you stick out your tongue. • No hunting photos, or shots of you holding any sort of weapons. Just set aside some time with an honest, trusted friend, and take some pics of yourself. I have seen so many articles about this topic, and published many myself. Most of us have pretty decent cameras with us (smart phones), so there is no real good excuse for poor quality images anymore.Using selfies is a sure way to have that special someone swipe left instead of right.Investing in how you portray yourself is priceless. Perfect for online presence on your website, Linked In, marketing materials and more.How you are perceived is vital to building strong connections, clients and sales.When prospective customers and clients are choosing who they want to work with they are googling businesses to find the right fit.I say they can do all of that — but with a charming grin.Here is a previous blog I wrote about the photos that don’t lead to success on your dating profile.


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