Book readers dating

You will find them in coffee shops, parks and subways.You will see them with backpacks, shoulder bags and suitcases. They do not merely answer questions and give statements, but counter with deep thoughts and profound theories.If you date someone who reads, then you, too, will live a thousand different lives.This author participates in the Readers' Favorite Book Review Exchange Program, which is open to all authors and is completely free.

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It's like dating a professor, a romantic and an explorer.

Like falling in love with a stranger you will never see again, you ache with the yearning and sadness of an ended affair, but at the same time, feel satisfied.

Full from the experience, the connection, the richness that comes after digesting another soul. This type of reading, according to TIME magazine's Annie Murphy Paul, is called “deep reading,” a practice that is soon to be extinct now that people are skimming more and reading less.

While this is supposed to be an innate trait in all humans, it requires varying levels of social experiences to bring into fruition and probably the reason your last partner was such a narcissist. They have access to hundreds of souls, and the collected wisdom of all them.

They have seen things you'll never understand and have experienced deaths of people you'll never know. Another 2010 study by Mar reinforces this idea with results that prove the more stories children have read to them, the keener their “theory of mind.” So while everyone thinks their kids are the best, the ones who read have the edge as they truly are the wiser, more adaptable and understanding children.


  1. Book in both hands. Why Readers, Scientifically, Are The Best People To Fall In Love With. By Lauren Martin July 9 2014. Share.

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  3. This is not just a dating book. It is a virus scan for your love life.

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  6. One activity that I’ve found to be extremely successful this year is a round of “Book Speed Dating. It exposes readers. If at any time they find a book.

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