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Backdating stock options spring loading and bullet dodging

"The problem is people just blatantly ignored the Sarbanes-Oxley requirement," Seyhun said. The SEC did not enforce prompt reporting, so we had the backdating again." The researchers suggest that the SEC remove all incentives to engage in timing games.So instead of awarding the incentive compensation on one day, the options should be spread out over a period of a year with the exercise price set at the average stock price for the year.

For purposes of defendants’ motion to dismiss, this distinction is not particularly relevant because plaintiffs alleged that defendants “spring loaded” options, while representing in public disclosures that such options were granted at market prices.

"There was a feeling especially among the legal community that this practice was done, that there's no more backdating, everyone has been punished, and the issue could be laid to rest." Seyhun and Ross School colleagues Cindy Schipani, professor of business law, and visiting researcher S. They found that the majority of companies studied are engaged in some sort of unethical practice that benefits top executives by an average of 6 percent in increased stock returns.

Burcu Avci reviewed all option grants—20 billion share awards—to executives in publicly listed firms in the U. "Although each individual manipulation may have a small marginal impact on compensation, collectively, this amount is significant," Schipani said.

The average was 0,000, which is a small amount relative to their total compensation," Seyhun said. They looked at it as money that was just sitting there to be taken." The practices were much more prevalent at small-cap and high-technology firms, he said.

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act, meant to bring transparency and honesty to financial statements, was passed in reaction to corporate frauds at Enron, World Com and Tyco.


  1. Stock option backdating picks up again. the practices include spring-loading. and bullet-dodging.

  2. The issue of stock-option backdating among public. What are spring loading and bullet dodging? Spring loading and. non-qualified stock options;

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