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Is this starting to sound uncomfortably like entrapment? John Carr, a UK government adviser on child protection, told the BBC that overburdened police could be aided by the technology, but the software could well cross the line and entice people to do things they otherwise might not: The BBC reports that Negobot has been field-tested on Google chat and could be translated into other languages.Its researchers admit that Negobot has limitations – it doesn’t, for example, understand irony.Meanwhile, Google has developed its own proof-of-concept chatbot to show off the power of neural networks, which mimic the human brain.With big names like Google in the game, we're getting ever closer to human-like AI.She rose to the lofty heights of Executive Editor for e WEEK, popped out with the 2008 crash and joined the freelancer economy.Alongside Naked Security Lisa has written for CIO Mag, Computer World, PC Mag, IT Expert Voice, Software Quality Connection, Time, and the US and British editions of HP's Input/Output.

The Negobot will try to string along conversationalists who want to leave, with tactics such as asking for help with family, bullying or other typical adolescent problems.

Spanish researchers from the University of Deusto near Bilbao have designed the chat bot, called Negobot, using artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and machine learning so that it can convincingly chat like a teenager, with as much of the slang, misspellings, memory, and conversational ability that comes with a human teenager. Carlos Laorden, told the BBC that past chat bots have tended to be too predictable: The most innovative aspect of Negobot may be a key differentiator that makes it appear more lifelike: namely, the incorporation of the advanced decision-making strategies used in game theory.

In a paper about their creation, the researchers describe how they’ve taught the robot to consider a conversation itself as a game.

Each year, AI enthusiasts compete for the Loebner prize, which pits chatbot against chatbot to see who or what can come closest to passing that test.

While more sophisticated methods of machine learning are in development, many of today's chatbots are still built on a similar coded call-and-response formula as ELIZA.


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  5. Spanish researchers from the University of Deusto near Bilbao have designed the chat bot. Lolita’ bot imitates a schoolgirl to trap chatroom paedophiles.

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