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Then, when Apocaps came on the market, we used only Apocaps, along with the K-9 Immunity and Transfer Factor, Multivitamins, and Fish Oil. Dressler’s immune boosting strategies, including having our dog in a completely dark room for nine hours of sleep each night.

We gave our dog some type of exercise every day, whether it was a short walk, chasing a Frisbee in the yard, or playing ball in the house.

The radiation oncologist and his vet told me that if I didn’t have the treatment done, his tumor would grow back in three to six months.

Well it has been one year and six months and the growth hasn’t come back!

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We also gave him hugs and plenty of petting every day.

However, the more I thought about what that would be like for Yoda, I couldn’t bring myself to do that.

I thought, if his days are indeed numbered, I don’t want to burn his little leg so that he can’t run and chase bunnies and squirrels and deer. I had to find an alternative, and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

Dressler’s book, our support group and the diet he is now on.” “Dr.

Dressler’s book was the only comprehensive research I was able to find on this subject.


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