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Harry and Rosemary Wong are committed to bringing quality and dignity to the materials they produce.

For this, they have formed their own publishing company, of which Rosemary is the CEO.

The Wongs will consider it for sharing in future Effective Teaching columns. Harry is a native of San Francisco and taught middle school and high school science.

Rosemary is a native of New Orleans and taught K-8, including working as the school media coordinator and student activity director.

The research was performed on target group of Czech teens (n=10 000, 11–17 years old).

The goal of the research Risks of Electronic Communication 3 (2012) was to determine:. Respondents’ experience with cyberbullying from the point of view of victims and aggressors and their will to involve other people in a process of dealing with their problems. Respondents’ willingness to communicate with unknown persons who contact them within internet services, and their experience with meeting these people in the real world. Respondents’ personal data sharing within internet services (publication of personal data freely on the internet, sharing personal data with unknown persons on the internet) including respondents’ experience with sexting. Respondents’ experience with social networks, web storages and portals focusing on children.

Staff developers and administrators who would like to know how to implement the aforementioned book, video series, and CD are encouraged to consult the book, Schools That Learn: A Fifth Discipline Fieldbook for Educators, Parents, and Everyone Who Cares About Education by Peter M. Cambron Mc Cabe, Timothy Lucas, Art Kleiner, Janis Dutton, Bryan Smith No one was allowed into the brand-new Molasky Junior High School in Las Vegas until two days before school began. Without the use of any expensive packaged program, any change in the school's academic schedule, or any expenditure of school funds, you and your school can achieve such success, too.

Written ten times a year, Harry and Rosemary Wong feature effective teachers and administrators and what they do to enhance student learning.

Prime time is a term used by the television industry to denote the time when the audience is potentially at its largest.

(See page 133 in The First Days of School.) Prime time in school is the first few moments in class. You start the first day of school incorrectly and you may never recover for the rest of the year.

They have dedicated their lives to leaving a legacy in education and making a difference in the lives of teachers and students.

When the book, video series, CD, and e Learning course are used together, they form the most effective staff training tool for developing effective teachers. Yet, at the end of the school year, 51 percent of the students attained honor roll status of 3.0 or higher.


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