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Activating and validating windows vista

Genuine Windows is a recurring process that checks your product key to ensure it's being used with the hardware it was paired with during activation.

If the product key is found to be non-genuine, or not valid, it's likely that the product key is either being used on another computer or is counterfeit.

Does everyone but me blindly install activex's and run undisclosed software without questioning it?

And does MS refuse to follow and/or disallow a support case to be escalated (ie; forcing written resolutions in writing) for what is clearly MS's refusal and/or neglect to follow common disclosure about software installations?

Hello Wguru, When you follow the tutorial and get to step 5, you will see the phone number listed at top just like in the screenshot above.Instead, various workarounds and tricks to bypass, skip, delay, disable or spoof Vista activation has been suggestion, to various degree of success, such as extend evaluation period, rearm method, install Vista in future year, ‘frankenbuild’ Vista by replacing RTM build WPA files with RC build files, activate against spoofed KMS server, or run and activate Vista with own local KMS server and etc. * As mentioned above, as Vista will also remain in first 3 days of activation grace period, in theory, Microsoft will not be able to differentiate who is the newly installed system, or who is the ‘patched’ system, unless of course, they check for the specific file or system (privacy anyone? * Users can only view that there is 30 more days for system to be activated in the system properties, but it won’t affect system usage or installation method.Now, there is new crack method that able to permanently stop the countdown timer of time left to activate Windows Vista, effectively running Vista OS in full functionality evaluation mode forever. Install Windows Vista Ultimate edition (or other edition) without product key. Windows Vista needs to be applied with 2099-Re Arm trick, so that the counter of minutes to no activation required period will not return to normal after reboot. On the other way, if you having problem with KB929391 Windows Vista Validation Updates, visit ways to remove or uninstall the Vista validation tool. Exit from command prompt, but do not restart the computer. Download Stop Timer.zip, Stop Timer.zip, Stop or Stop Torrent. At this time, the counter should be freezed, Check with -dlv command, with the minutes left should be the same after a few minutes interval. Next few steps to to verify that the activation grace period built-in countdown timer is actually stopped and disable the timers from working properly, and make sure that the crack is installed properly. * The crack will make the time left to activate Vista to become always 43200 minutes (30 days), and will not countdown or reduce. It should contains “Vista test crack.exe” and “timerstop.sys”. Execute or run the “Vista test crack.exe” by right click on “Vista test crack.exe”, and select “Run as Administrator (A)”. Optional: Press in Test button, and it will pop up a message says 4 timers are stopped. Success rate in 64-bit (x64) environment is likely to be low.By that I mean the 'validation' process basically tells users to blindly trust MS and allow installation of the "Windows Activation Technologies" software, when in fact that alone seems a little misleading as that software might well or should be titled as "Windows VALIDATION Technologies" software.My beef is that while trying to resolve my as yet unresolved complaint (ref.Please note that I was able to "activate" 'my' product seemingly over the phone and as doing so did not result in any notice of successful activation (from MS), I later used a link provided (I believe by the Action Now' utility that the W7 Pro software provides) and upon clicking the 'validate online, I immediately saw a successful confirmation window.However the crux of my post is actually the unacceptable behaviour of MS's undisclosed "validation" process's activex.unacceptable undisclosed terms and conditions of the W7 Pro's "validation" process, ie; denoting nowhere (prior to our being expected to blindly allow the browser to install MS's activex that reportedly 'scans my system and makes repairs and/or changes WITHOUT disclosing beforehand that 'if' any changes are thereafter made by their validation software, that I will be notified of any changes).I thought my post mentioned that after seven straight hrs on the phone with MS support depts, that MS refuses to admit and escalate my case, going so far as to state that my issue is not valid and that I instead (as opposed to MS Support proceeding with my support request) refers me to contacting their corporate offices.


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