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Academic research dating christian match good music

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“While the first musical age is about asserting independence, the next appears to be more about gaining acceptance from others.

The scientists say this marks a shift to a more solitary expression of our intellect, status and greater emotional maturity.

They also found that tastes became less pretentious with far more older people liking country, folk and blues music.

“There are aspects of wanting to promote social status, intellect and wealth that play into the increased gravitation towards ‘sophisticated’ music.

“For many this life stage is frequently exhausted by work and family, and there is a requirement for relaxing, emotive music for those rare down times that reflects the other major ‘life challenge’ of this stage – that of nurturing a family and maintaining long-term relationships, perhaps the hardest of all.” The research, which is published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, drew on musical preference surveys that have been completed by more than 250,000 people over a ten year period.


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