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10 commandments of dating patti

Yes, you really can be too blonde- just like you can be too skinny or too tan.

Blonde is by FAR the most challenging of all the colors, and it takes years of experience to master, even for a licensed hairdresser.

Don’t Mention the Ex Or how many other people you’re dating. Or which Patriots quarterback you’re lusting after.

“Nothing about the opposite sex that could deter that person from feeling special,” says Stanger. 1 rule I have.” As far as your first date is concerned, you’re Adam and she’s Eve. (So stop staring at that cute waiter who looks like Jason Lewis.) Keep up with this story and more 2.

“And if she’s got spine and she loves herself, she’ll be like ‘No way am I going out with him again unless it’s a Saturday night.’ ” Guys, it doesn’t matter if you happen to really love Justin Timberlake’s appearances on Saturday Night Live and can’t bear to spring for Ti Vo. “Saturday night is where the top seed gets, that’s the girlfriend material.

Here are 12 dating Do’s and Dont’s to make sure you get your man – and keep him: Put them in priority sequence using four categories: spiritual, physical, emotional and mental.

“Never bring up religion and politics,” says Stanger.

Blonde hair is a literal magnet to attract minerals and chemicals in water.

If you live in an apartment or house, with copper or older piping, you will quickly see your blonde hair turning brassy or green.

After hair has been repeatedly highlighted, it begins to look very solid and monochromatic.

Lowlights don’t make blonde hair “darker”, they just help to add some dimension.


  1. May 24, 2013. Patti can help your marriage dreams come true with MARRIED IN A YEAR -- her proven, easy-to-follow 12-month action plan for finding love. With her expert knowledge and upbeat. 10 Commandments of Dating Rules for the first date and beyond. Red Flags When and how to move on from a losing.

  2. Oct 20, 2010. Some 40 million Americans use online dating services, and just under half the country is single. That's a lot of. By Katie Baker On 10/20/10 at PM. We polled Patti Stanger, who runs her own Los Angeles–based matchmaking service, chronicled on TV's Millionaire Matchmaker, for some tips.

  3. Dating Detox Take a break to focus on yourself and identify what you want out of life ~~Meeting Your Match Put yourself out there and attract men who want to get married ~~10 Commandments of Dating Rules for the first date and beyond ~~Red Flags When and how to move on from a losing relationship ~~Negotiating.

  4. Mar 19, 2009. Meet Patti Stanger. If you haven't seen her show, you are really missing out. I am a huge reality TV junkie and Bravo's Millionaire Matchmaker is one of my favorite shows. So I was more nervous to talk to the matchmaker herself, Patti Stanger, than I've ever been for a date with a man. But enough about me.

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